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Gender Wise - Strike the Right Balance

Updated: Aug 25

Achieving gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace has been at the forefront of concerns among corporate leaders in recent times. Returnize looks at why this issue is important, and the possible ways to achieve gender balance in the workplace.

Why is gender diversity important?

According to the study, Women in the Workplace 2016, conducted by McKinsey and, more than 75% of CEOs include gender equality among their top 10 priorities. The study surveyed more than 130 companies and 34,000 people. The conclusions? At the entry-level, 46% of corporate employees across various job functions were women, a number that dwindled to 19% at the C-level.

Author and consultant Caroline Turner, in her book `Difference Works - Improving Retention, Productivity, and Profitability Through Inclusion’, also advocates the benefits of gender balance in corporates. Having both a masculine and feminine approach to various functions in an organization, she explains, spurs better productivity.

How can companies achieve gender diversity?

Simply put, by hiring more women. But should companies draw their talent from the same pool of people already in employment? Or are there alternative solutions? Consider this. According to Statistics Atlas, which sources demographic data from the US Census Bureau, California alone has around 980 K unemployed women. An analysis of this data by Returnize puts the total number of unemployed professional women in the San Francisco Bay area to approximately 17,000.

A win-win situation

This represents a huge pool of women, who have professional skills and experience in varying degrees and are looking for work. These individuals have a strong desire to rejoin the workforce, and therefore, are highly driven. However, a major impediment in their search for jobs is the stigma of a career break, which often causes their candidature to be rejected. At the same time, companies lose potentially experienced and motivated talent. Bring the two together, and we could have a win-win situation.


Make a difference With Returnize

You can make a difference to both your company and society at large, by implementing gender diversity right from the hiring stage. Returnize has innovative talent solutions to enable your company to expand the talent pool, bridge the gender gap, and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Let us partner with you to give your company that edge in diversity.

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