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Starting a Job Search? Get All Your Ducks in a Row

Updated: May 9

Preparing Well for Your Career Return

As an active job seeker, you are now at the most crucial stage in the process of getting back to work after a career break. Right now, it is vital to have all your ducks in a row. This blog will walk you through some of the most important steps in the active job search stage.

Craft a Stellar Resume

The path to a great new job starts with a great resume. However, crafting a great resume is not an overnight process. It could take several iterations before you get it right. So, be prepared to spend some time here. I call the process crafting since it takes a lot of pruning, adding and chiseling to get your resume right. Review it periodically. It is a good idea, if possible, to even get it reviewed by a career coach or a professional from your industry. This would give you a fresh perspective on how best to highlight your work experience.

Tame Your Social Media Jungle

Social media is an important aspect to consider. Many employers and recruiters go through social media profiles of potential employees to gauge if they are a good cultural fit for the organization. Review your privacy settings on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and refine what is open to the public.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is potentially a great tool that can be used to bolster your search process, but know that it is also frequently used by employers to gather first impressions. You can use LinkedIn to connect with past co-workers and other friends from the industry. Garner references and recommendations from those who know your work and can vouch for you.

Social media can reveal a lot about a person, and being proactive could help with the job search, particularly when your feed is relevant to your profession. Follow companies and influencers from your industry. They can keep you updated about the industry and be a good source of job leads.

Network Your Way to Opportunity

Networking can also open doors and lead to a lot of job opportunities. Join Meetups and other professional networking groups to exchange ideas and mingle with other professionals. Attend job fairs in your city. Many companies look to find candidates directly from job fairs.

Crush Your Interview

At the end of the search and application processes are interviews. If you are getting back to work after a break, partnering with the experts can make all the difference. Interview coaching can not only bolster your confidence, it can help you clinch that much desired job opportunity.

Returnize offers end-to-end career coaching services as well as networking opportunities for talented women like you. Join us to know more about what we can do to get you ahead in your job search.


Career Restart Program for Women

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