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From Passion to Profession

Updated: Aug 25

Madhu Shah, a celebrated and internationally acclaimed floral designer, captivated the Returnize audience last May, including women returning to work after career gaps.

Hailing from Kenya, Madhu's passion for flora propelled her into the world of floral design. Through diligent study, she mastered techniques of balance, dominance, volume, and symmetry. Her journey began with decorating a garden-themed wedding, leading to widespread acclaim and orders flooding in. As an international judge, she continued to refine her artistry, even after immigrating to Australia where she overcame challenges to become a leading floral designer.

The message is clear: passion alone isn't sufficient for professional excellence. Alongside passion, dedication, education, overcoming challenges, and perseverance are essential ingredients for success.

Madhu's creations, "Finding Me" and "Mother's Day," spoke volumes. Her artful mastery conveyed messages of emergence from uncertainty and introspection. Her Mother's Day arrangement, crafted from live roses amid folded magazine pages, showcased simplicity and elegance.

The response to her conversation was overwhelmingly positive. A resonating comment encapsulated the sentiment: "Lift me to your heights, at any age, under any circumstances." Madhu's journey resonates with anyone seeking to restart or redirect their paths.

Returnize urges you to embrace your passion, chase your dreams, and trust destiny. We express heartfelt gratitude to Madhu for sharing her inspiring journey with us.

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